Monday, June 11, 2018

Hilbourne Watson on Global Capitalism, White Supremacy, and Nationalism

Here is a recent presentation (that I recorded) by Emeritus Professor Hilbourne Watson.  It is titled "Crisis of global capitalism, global white supremacy, and the new nationalism" and was given at the 2018 conference of the Global Studies Association-North America at Howard University in Washington, D.C.  

Here is the abstract for his talk:
The study of social change is dominated by philosophical individualism and methodological nationalism that fragment the social, treats the individual as the irreducible unit of analysis, makes the sum of the parts greater than the whole, and reduces social relations between humans to technical relations between things. Contrastingly, I offer a historical materialist analysis of global white supremacy (GWS) and the new nationalism, and subsume them under the crisis of global capitalism, as reflected in overaccumulation, social polarization, legitimation and sustainability, and the impacts on working classes and other exploited and oppressed groups. I argue that GWS naturalizes and racializes world history, culture, politics, and social existence; historicizes nature; foments reactionary identitarian tendencies; doubles as the dominant norm of world order, and represents a politico-ideological expression of power relations, beyond the white somatic norm. ”

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