Thursday, July 5, 2012

Iconic Architecture & the Transnational Capitalist Class: A Talk by Dr. Leslie Sklair

      Below is a three part video of Leslie Sklair, Professor Emeritus in Sociology at LSE (London School of Economics), in which he presents his new research on iconic architecture during the era of capitalist globalization and its role as a hegemonic project of the transnational capitalist class. 




I recorded this talk on September 17, 2011, at the Academy of Sciences in Prague, Czech Republic, during the First Conference on Global Capitalism and Transnational Class Formation. Out of this conference was created the 'Network for Critical Studies of Global Capitalism' which will be holding the next conference in Brisbane, Australia, in 2013. Sklair is the author of numerous journal articles and the following books: Globalization: Capitalism and Its Alternatives (2002),  The Transnational Capitalist Class (2000), Sociology of the Global System (1995), Capitalism and Development (1994), Assembling for Development: The Maquila Industry in Mexico and the United States (1989), Organized Knowledge: A Sociological View of Science and Technology (1973), and Sociology of Progress (1970).

      Also see here for a transcribed interview that I conducted with Dr Sklair and published in the journal Globalizations in 2009. The interview provides some insights on his conception of the transnational capitalist class (TCC) and how he sees his approach as differing with the conception of the TCC by others scholars, as well as his thoughts on the global crisis of capitalism, and the U.S. invasion and occupation of Iraq.

     To my knowledge the below video of his talk on iconic architecture and the transnational capitalist class is the only audio and/or video recording on the internet of Dr Sklair. If anyone knows of others please let me know.

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