Saturday, November 26, 2011

Interview on Anti-War Radio (this Tuesday)

I will be talking about U.S. foreign policy and my forthcoming book (on Haiti) this Tuesday (at 12:30 in the afternoon east coast time) on Anti-War Radio aired in the U.S. states of Alabama, Georgia, Indiana, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Ohio, and Texas.

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    Jeb surely knows history, old light as recorder in the past, but does he know news, new light that forces all darkness of the past to give way? We shall see.

    Haiti is identical to Empire USA in the respect that both countries have always been ruled by the 50% most educated and wealthy, the upper half that has always jointly owned all the wealth, shared in an agreeable way all power and acted in a way that best enslaves the laboring-class lower half.

    For when Haiti became the first nation to ever abolish slavery by a violent revolt, the French embargo was like water off a duck’s back for the laboring-class lower half of society. They had their food, shelter, farm tools and more then enough to satisfy all their simple wants and needs, as none were so fool as to think they could achieve wealth, which gave none a desire to compete for wealth.

    But not so for the 50% most educated and wealthy, all being so fool as to think they could be rich, and all desiring above all things for the French embargo ended so they could export, import and strive to be rich in the only way possible --- by forcing the laboring class to produce extra so that the upper half could hoard extra.

    So, Haiti has always been ruled by the 50% most educated a wealthy, all of the police and paramilitary groups are of the 50% most educated and wealthy --- and the simple solution is a nationwide strike that lasts forever. For if the 50% lower half refused to lift a finger for the upper half, as a wise old man once me,

    “A rich man’s gold would be worthless
    if everyone refused to work for it.”

    And so, as in the identical situation has been our rich man’s Empire since 1776, surely the same solution, the only possible solution, is a nationwide that lasts for eternity.