Monday, August 11, 2008

One Year Since the Disappearance of Lovinsky Pierre-Antoine

I just received this in an email.


Open letter to Haitian authorities, on the occasion of the first anniversary
disappearance of Lovinsky Pierre-Antoine

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen Officials.

A year ago to date, on August 12, 2007, my husband, Lovinsky Pierre-Antoine,
returning from an out-of-city stay, hurryingly left his place of residence to go to an
appointment scheduled by phone by individuals who likely meant to entrap him. It was the
last time, up to now while I am writing to you, that he was seen by the members of his
family. It was also the beginning of a crescendo agony for his Loved Ones as well as for
his friends and allies.

August 12, 2007-August 12, 2008.

Twelve long months have gone by since this disappearance was reported to all
concerned constituencies of the country: Presidency, Ministry of Economy, Parliament,
Ministry of Justice, National Police of Haiti, UN, OEA, etc.
To this day, the Pierre-Antoine family has noted with disappointment -- but without
surprise-- the apparent lack -- short of saying the total absence -- of results following
actions and investigations with which the authorities should proceed.

Today, my stance is the one of a traumatized spouse, of a shocked and powerless head
of household mother, who remains helplessly silent when facing the questions that the two
sons of Lovinsky ask on a daily basis about what actually happened to their beloved

No information was given on the progress of the investigation and I come to the
point of wondering if there really is a genuine intent to reach concrete and official

A year after this event, the Haitian authorities, as well as the public opinion seem
to have forgotten this citizen whose disappearance, as human being, should mobilize our
minds. The worst is the mental, mortal agony endured by the members of his family; it is
also the outrage generated by the perversity of his abductors and the flagrant
indifference of his closest assistants.

There is no doubt that such an active and vibrant citizen as Lovinsky Pierre-Antoine
does not disappear, does not evaporate in thin air without leaving any trace. In fact,
the traces and indicators, left during and after his abduction were not judiciously
followed or explored enough in order to reach concrete results.

I want proof of the fingerprints found in the vehicle used by Lovinsky, the
sensational and revealing declarations made to the press by an influential member of the
political party of which Lovinsky is a member.

Personally, I had, in a not so distant past, related to the police that, in a spur
of hope, I had dialed Lovinsky's cell phone number, and I was appalled to talk with a
correspondent who calmly answered, without seeming concerned that he held in his hand a
personal object that belonged to a mysteriously disappeared person, which should bear
weight of proof, would justice prevail in this country.

When thinking about the disappearance of Lovinsky, the members of his family and
myself come to the conviction that if his physical body escapes our view, he remains
alive in our hearts and souls, as a remarkable husband, a father concerned about the
education and future of his children and a wise mentor for his entourage.

Of course, one may not adhere to his ideological convictions and political
practices, but one cannot fail to admire his activism, his seriousness, his respect for
Words of Honor, his team spirit and especially his love for Haiti. We are lacking words
and images to describe Lovingky's incomparable and magnificent qualities.
We keep the very best memories of him in our hearts.

Embracing the shoulders of my two sons who mourn the disappearance of their beloved
dad and await his probable return, I have not other choice than to rely on the conscience
of all concerned authorities to shed light around his disappearance.

In fact, it is time to break down this atmosphere of suspense and of uncertainty; it
is about time to break the silence observed around this matter, a silence converted into
a tacit plot, woven to maintain secrecy on the intellectual authors of this hateful act.

Once again, I appeal to the conscience of each and everyone of you to let the truth
emerge and put an end to this unspeakable tragedy, for Lovinsky as well as for the
members of his family. I also appeal to the conscience of the members of the new
government, so that they may re-launch the file of Lovinsky and let the truth shine.

In conclusion, I join my boys to express my gratitude and my thanks to the true
friends and supporters of Lovinsky, to all those who offered their moral support, to all
those who made incommensurable sacrifices to express their disapproval of this act, on
the streets of various cities of Haiti, United States and other countries, as well as in
front of various Haitian diplomatic outlets abroad, to all those who wrote articles on
this matter through audio, written, televised media and through the Internet and at last,
to all those who, in a way or another, showed their empathy around this sad and painful

May they rest assured that beyond all abominations, the family of Lovinsky
Pierre-Antoine remains stronger than ever. Sustained by Hope!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Michèle Pierre- Antoine
Wife of Lovinsky

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    Firstly, I think that campaign contributions of any form should be illegal including using any of your own money to run for office. So here is how I think it ought to work.

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    Finally, I wish someone would please explain lobbying to me. I do not understand what purpose it serves for the good of the general population. I do understand that all Americans have not only a right but an obligation to express their needs to those elected officials with whom we have entrusted our futures. But isn’t that why they have offices, and staff and phones and e-mail, and even the US postal service. I don’t see where clandestine meetings behind closed doors at parties we would never get invited to or in Super Bowl box suites paid for by people with an agenda has a place of usefulness in our government. I do not see how lobbying is legal and I think it should be illegal to give gifts to politicians in any form. Political office is a job just as is being a waiter, but politicians should not be allowed to accept tips.

    Over two hundred years ago our founding fathers started a system of government “of the people, for the people, and by the people.” I believe that this one small principle is the most important aspect of our government and we have allowed it to be stolen. I believe that if we continue on this path, America will one day find its self in a position that the American people can not be “taxed” out of. I believe that these two small adjustments will not only save tax payers millions of dollars, readjust government back to it’s original intended role, but will instill a confidence in our leaders that has been absent for far too long.

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