Thursday, July 6, 2006

IRI, World Bank, Emmanuel Constant...

The IRI just announced Shawn Sullivan as the new Regional Director for it's Latin American and Caribbean Programs. Most recently, Sullivan served as Special Assistant in the Office of Legislative Affairs at U.S. Department of Defense. Earlier, Sullivan served as the Senior Field Representative for the Bush/Cheney 2004 presidential campaign in New Mexico. In other IRI news it will soon be shown how the famed Reporters Without Borders has been secretly financed by the IRI.

History should also note that the Bolous-family-funded Haiti Democracy Project (HDP) recently had John Merrill, Chief of Western Hemisphere programs for the Department of Defense, as an "election observer" on its team. In an article for USA Today Danna Harman(2/8/06) failed to mention he was working for the Defense Department.


In other news...

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Just posted up on AP: "Death Squad Leader Emmanuel Constant Arrested in New York, July 5, 2006"

This undated photo of Emmanuel Constant was released by the Suffolk County Police Department in Riverhead, NY, Thursday, July 6, 2006. Constant, 48, a former strongman from Haiti and former employee of the CIA, accused in a federal lawsuit of sanctioning systematic rape to silence dissent, was arrested, Wednesday, July 5, in a mortgage fraud scheme on Long Island.

Here is an interesting bit about the World Bank
I am reading Susan George's "Faith and Credit" right now. Here is how she ends the book:

"The Church's traditional imagery of heaven and of hell is graphic and explicit. Although it cannot prove that anyone has ever gone there, it still issues the visas to the promised land. The [World] Bank paints no pictures with saints, angels and demons but it does put up signposts pointing towards paradise, exhorting the faithful to imitate the blessed - the now-developed rich market-economy countries or at least those who are well on their way, like the Asian tigers.

The very vagueness of the concept of development and the great number of candidates who hope to attain it legitimize the Bank's functions, justify its existence and explain its power. As long as the fragile planet's heavenward journey lasts, as long as the poor are with us, as long as salvation is sought where it cannot be found, the World Bank will find for itself a role and a mission." - Susan George and Fabrizio Sabelli, "Faith and Credit: The World Bank's Secular Empire" (1994)