Sunday, February 18, 2007

Grassroots human rights workers ignored

I was just forwarded this compiled list of attacks on Martissant and Gran Ravine that Lame Ti Manchet are charged with. The facts behind all of these violent attacks were ignored in a recent AlterPresse article. Similarly an IPS article last year by the same author was also carefully crafted to essentially manipulate the discussion on human rights in Gran Ravine and Martissant, almost totally ignoring the role of the largest and most violent armed group. Grassroots human rights workers have been consistently reporting on the killings carried out by Lame Ti Manchet. See a response at HaitiAnalysis that was recently posted on the Haiti Corbett list. The Komisyon Episkopal Nasyonal Jistis ak Lapè has also compiled a detailed statistical analysis of violence in the area.

-20 August 2005: Massacre at Bernadette soccer field in Martissant
conducted by Haitian police and Lame Ti Manchet.
-21 August 2005: House torchings in Gran Ravine conducted by Haitian
police and Lame Ti Manchet.
-7 July 2006: Twenty innocent men, women and children massacred plus
three hundred+ torched homes in Gran Ravine conducted by Lame Ti Manchet.

-28 September 2006: Human Rights coordinator Esterne Bruner assassinated
in Gran Ravine after returning from AUMOHD's office. Lame Ti Manchet is
-19 January 2007: Photojournalist Jean-Remy Badio assassinated in
Martissant. Lame Ti Manchet is suspected (friends, family, AHP and Le
Nouvelliste). Deibert (and RSF likewise) shamefully fail to properly attribute the charges.