Friday, January 13, 2006

UN Military Force 'MINUSTAH' Preparing to Take Cite Soleil?

The UN has admitted to "collateral damage" during prior operations in Cite Soleil. Reports from human rights groups such AUMOHD and IJDH as well as from press outlets such as AHP and HIP have documented a number of killings carried out by the Coup Government's National Police and the UN MINUSTAH force (primarily the Jordanian and Brazilian contingents). An invasion of Cite Soleil could mean many more dead men, women, and children in Haiti. A lawyer by the name of Evel Fanfan, Pres. of AUMOHD, has presented an alternative to stop both the kidnappings and the violent repression. I also just published an interview on Narco News with a kidnapping victim and his thoughts on the violence in and aimed at Cite Soleil.